Sunday, May 5, 2013


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This is another buy from the lady that bought a storage unit just like on Storage Wars.  Here she is before:

I remembered to snap a picture just in time.

I thought about painting it a really fun color like orange or  bright blue but since I have no room in my house for it, I decided to go more simple and neutral.  I painted it with ASCP Coco and highlighted it with Old White.   It was a pretty easy project. It was missing one of the pieces of glass but the very friendly people at Valley Glass  cut a piece for me on a Friday afternoon.  Thanks, Scott!

The inside has a couple of secret compartments.  I'm going to put all my Diamonds and Rubys and Pearls in them.  Don't tell anyone.  I did find a a stamp from Poland hidden inside, along with a Blue Cross medical card, I'm assuming from the owner.  Always makes me a little sad when I find the owner's things.  I hope I can find a good home for her.