Saturday, September 22, 2012


Anyone who knows me knows that I love, love, love summer.  I love the slower pace, my gardens, the lake, eating outside and the warmth of the sun.  So, anyone who knows me might be surprised to hear that as the nights start getting cooler and the days shorter I am actually looking forward to the change in seasons.  I painted a new piece of furniture for the living room with fall colors and got out all my fall decorations. Bring on Fall!  Just don't expect this type of enthusiasm for winter!

DIL Lucy and I bought this piece from a lovely lady who was downsizing.  No before picture.  Why can't I remember to take a before picture?  Anyway, it was brown.  You know, brown and brown and all brown.  I started by painting the entire piece ASCP Barcelona Orange so it could peak through when I distressed back.  Then I painted over with Chateau Grey (I think, I painted it a couple of weeks ago so you can't really expect me to remember details that long ago) and then dry brushed several colors.  I think I used Coco, French Linen, Paris Grey - you get the picture.  I clear waxed then dark waxed and lightly distressed.  I love the orange coming through and it looks fabulous with the fall decor.

See what I mean about it coordinating with the fall colors?

The orange really makes the details pop!

Barcelona Orange, Chateau Grey