Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hot, Hot, Hot

Charlotte and I are going on a diet next week!

I am NOT complaining.  It's hot outside.  It reached almost 100 today.  Too hot to garden and too hot to paint.  DIL came over and cleaned the house.  Yipee!  Hubby and Charlotte are napping so I poured myself a glass of wine and organized my photo albums on the computer.  I found some pics of some past pro-jects.

I love this dresser/buffet.  I can't remember if I found it at Teen Challenge or Goodwill. I painted it Arles and Lucy and Sean put it in their dining room for a few weeks.  (Only until I painted another fab dresser that they loved even more.)  So I brought it back over and put it in my guest room/dressing room. 

 This was one of the first pieces I painted.  I found it at Teen Challenge. It's part of a two piece desk/dresser/luggage stand from a hotel I think.  I used Versaille and graphite.  Since it's outside I didn't use any wax, but buffed it with steel wool.      I imagined having fabulous dinner parties on the deck this summer and using this piece as a buffet.  

Robbie's Dresser

This spring my best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I was at work one day and she called and asked if I could meet her to get a mammogram. We've been friends for 30 years, but we don't normally accompany each other for our annual exams.  She said she had a lump.  I said, "Of course I'll meet you." I'm glad I was there when the doctor gave her the news. After it was confirmed that she had an aggressive form of cancer and she would have to undergo four months of chemo, a mastectomy and radiation, I decided we needed a Thelma and Louise weekend without the tragic ending.  We took a road trip to Seattle and stayed with a friend who cooked a big pot of fresh steamer clams and Alaskan salmon for us.  On our way down to the Public Market we passed the Goodwill Outlet Store.  Who knew Goodwill had an Outlet store????  The furniture was at the back of the store and the sign on the wall said "All Furniture $1.99."  When I saw this dresser I went to the front of the store to ask how much it was.  The clerk looked at me like I was an idiot.  "All furniture is  $1.99 he said."  We loaded it up and brought it home.  I painted it for Robbie's new house. It is the first piece I panted with ASCP. I used Emporor's Silk with  Clear and Dark wax and it's living in her bedroom. 

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